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Rain shower system Rain shower system 3006
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Product Overview

UPC: 714394998507

Special features and safety:
* 3-function: large-area showerhead (normal jet), concentrated and strong water jet (massage jet), lushly soft rain beam (RainAir);
* There are two types of head and hand spray to choose from.
* Even in terms of security, the system leaves nothing to be desired.
* The handbrake with ergonomic handle makes the daily shower comfort.

Manufacturer Warranty:
* 3 years on sale and shipping by Amazon.

Product features:
* Installation type: flush
* Number of handles: One handle
* Valve type: ceramic valve
* Operating pressure: 0.05 - 1.0 MPa
* Temperature range: 0 to 85 ° C
* With all assembly and mounting material
* Suitable for hot and cold water.

Overhead shower with hand shower:
* Size of shower head: 25 * 25 cm;
* Overhead shower: ± 15 ° Swivel; You can turn the showerhead to the left or right.
* Material: high-quality ABS and multi-layer chrome coating, the chrome is very scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, no tarnishing.

Handbrake and shower hoses:
* Size of hand shower: 23 * 12 cm;
* Material: rubber + high quality ABS + chrome
* Material of handbrake holders:
* Handbrake can be rotated 360 °, the hose can not be easily knotted, very easy to take care of.
* Made of high quality ABS + chrome
* Wall holder for hand showers
* Suitable for all hand showers

* 1 x Underfloor shower set with mounting accessories