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ubeeogl 3-function shower system rain shower with thermostat shower
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Product Overview

UPC: 714394998439

Advantage of the shower set with thermostat

1. 3 function: faucet bath (waterfall), hand shower, overhead shower, one button to change.
2. Child safety lock, lock at 38 ° C, avoid children turning the temperature too high, secure inssurance.
3. With practical shelf can put shampoo and shower gel, saving space.
4. Shower rod height 900mm-1300mm adjustable, suitable for all height of people.
5. 300 * 200mm large overhead shower, large rain shower experience after a day of work.Extral slim, thin as a coin, water can save 30%. 15 ° rotatable.
6. Handheld shower 3 modes, massage jet mode, rainshower mode and combined mode. Hand shower height and angle adjustable.

Technical specifications:

Warranty: 3 years
Recommended pressure: 3-4bar
Safety lock at 38 ° C
Highest temperature: 50 ° C
Material: Made of solid brass, durable, chrome plated, glossy and easy care.
Lead-free treatment, rejects secondary pollution of water resources, environmental protection and health.
304 stainless steel-The inner wall is free of limestone, the surface does not rust, corrosion resistance and leakage resistance.