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ubeegol Rain shower with wall bracket Shower system Without
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Product Overview

UPC: 714394998248


   Water inlet hose 1200mm, suitable for connection to bathtub fittings.
  Shower rod height maximum 1120mm, can be installed anywhere on the wall, especially convenient for tall people.
  Brass shower mixer, ceramic cartridge 100,000 times use test, no leakage.
  Easy conversion between overhead shower and hand shower.
  Hand shower and overhead shower with flexible silicone nozzles, prevent calcification.
  Hand shower 3 modes, water jet mode, rain shower mode and wash mode.
  Overhead shower 200mm diameter, perfect rain shower experience.
  All accessories included, DIN 1/2 standard connection, easy to install, with step by step installation instructions.
  The shower set is suitable for gas and water heaters.

Shower system:

Weight: 3.7kg
Shower Mixer Material: Brass
Surface: multi-layer chrome
Shower rod: SUS304 stainless steel
Operating pressure: 0.05 - 1.0Mpa
Temperature range: 0 to 85 ° C