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Kitchen tap with shower Pull-out kitchen faucet 360 ° rotatable
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Product Overview

UPC: 714394998415


ubeegol 360 ° Rotatable Kitchen Tap Faucet Kitchen with Shower

360 ° Rotary Spout Faucet Tap with Pull-out Shower

You can position the water jet exactly, which is very important if you have two sinks next to each other.

120cm Removable hose with Gravity Ball, easy to wash off every corner of the sink.

3 different types of water jet:

Bubbler water: High-quality bubbler nozzle to ensure no noise during operation.

Shower water: water concentration, do not use cloth, you can wash the fat residues.

The material of the faucet

Made of brass, High quality, very durable.

No rust, easy to clean.

Easy Self-Assembly

Standard 3/8 inch connectors, all parts and accessories included.

Retractable hose Click Design. Insert the connection hose into the connection. If you hear a "click", the plug is well connected.

Product parameters:

Number of handles: One handle (made of metal)

Body material: H59-A copper

Surface: Chrome

Handle Material: Metal

Hoses: G 3/8

Water Pressure: 3-5 Bar

Flow Rate: 2 GPM (7 , 5 L / min) max

size and weight:

weight: 2,73 KG

total height: 437 mm

Water outlet height: 230mm

Water outlet length: 237mm

Hole diameter: Ø 32mm ~ 35mm

Thickness of mounting plate: ≤ 45mm

 Package including:

Standard packaging with foam protection

1 x Kitchen fitting with shower

2 x Flexible connection tubes (50 cm)

1 x mounting hardware

1 x mounting manual