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ubeegol shower head Water-saving 3-spray hand shower
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Product Overview

UPC: 714394998279

Product Features:

Light and thin shower head with a button, easy to switch.
Big size, the shower is more comfortable and pleasant and falls in love with the shower every day.
The silicone nozzle is scale-resistant, not easy to clog, has a high water pressure and low water consumption.
The chrome shower is temperature and corrosion resistant and easy to clean.
The shower is suitable for universal 1/2 connection pipes and is suitable for most showers.
Three spray modes: gentle and relaxing rain spray (rain), powerful and pulsating rain sprays (heavy rain), concentrated and pulsating water jets (turbo rain).

Technical specifications:

Material: High quality ABS + chrome (permanent rust, environmental protection)

Weight: 250g

Dimensions: 230 * 110mm



1 x shower head