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Faulkatze shower system
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Product Overview

UPC: 778416242405

Best quality:

1. Shower mixer made of solid brass, drinking water standard, permanently safe and perfect for your health.

2. Shower system made of high quality brass H59A with multi-layer chrome surface, durable and rustproof, permanently shiny and easy to care for.

3. Overhead shower and hand shower made of high quality ABS chrome, corrosion and calcification are reliably prevented.


1. Perfect for every bathroom, our modern shower panel is a good choice for every home.

2. The multifunctional shower system includes an overhead shower, a hand shower and a tap, which can be easily switched by simply turning it.

3. 19 cm * 25 cm overhead shower, perfect rain shower experience, good relaxation for the whole body. Enjoy the relaxing experience in your home.

4. Hand shower with 2 modes, easy switching. One mode can massage, the other mode can be used for various purposes, such as brushing teeth.

5. The adjustable shower rod made of 960-1400 mm stainless steel offers sufficient freedom of movement when showering.

The shower head can also be adjusted by up to 15 degrees when required.

Shower system:

Weight: 5.5 kg

Material: brass, multi-layer chrome-plated

Working pressure: 0.05-0.1mpa

Temperature range: 0 to 90 ° C

Ceramic cartridge, tested over 500,000 times, permanently tight and smooth

Shower arm:

Length: 82cm

Rainshower shower head: 19cm * 25cm

Hand shower size: 21cm * 8.1cm

Material: high quality ABS + chrome + silicone

Packing List:

1 x shower set with mounting accessories